Kuda Prima - About Us

Your Reliable Partner
for Equipment Supply
& Fuel Station

Company Overview

PT. Kuda Prima is a company engaged in the procurement of equipment and the construction of fuel station installations. Our company was found in 1994 and we are committed to advancing this business sector by providing the best products and services for our customers.

With our expertise, dedication and a very good reputation of quality and safety, we have been able to meet the needs of the construction of fuel stations throughout the country.

Vision Mission

Become the best fueling equipment supplier company.
We aim to be the best in the aspects of process innovation, quality improvement and customer satisfaction. Our team adheres to strict operational procedures with full commitment because we believe customer trust is our main asset.


Continuous efforts towards better service and distribution for customers.
Our services are currently spread throughout Indonesia and we will continue to expand its scope with a strong emphasis on quality and safety.


  • Encourage Sustainable Progress
  • Maintain Physical and Mental Balance
  • Support Sense of Togetherness
  • Actively Conduct Internal Control
  • Fast and Efficient in Task Completion
  • Effective and Optimal